What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy, sometimes called color therapy, photo therapy, or light therapy, is a form of vibrational medicine that uses color and full spectrum light on various parts of the body to balance the body’s electromagnetic field (known as the “human energy field” or “aura”).

Quantum physics states that matter is not solid, but is made up of light energy. From our skin to our organs, we are made of light. Light is the language by which our cells speak to eachother. The DNAAlso known as deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA is a molecule inside the nucleus of cells which contains genetic information (considered the building block of living organisms) within the center of the nucleus of each cell within the body emits light. The light radiated from each cell naturally groups with like cells because they share the same frequency of light. These groups of cells form the organs and the other systems in our body, each of which resonates to the frequency of specific colors. For example, the frequency of the thyroid gland resonates with the color green.

The visible spectrum is comprised of a continuous range of lights from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet (sometimes referred to as ROYGBIV).

Light shining through a device such as a prism separates each of these colors so that they can be seen individually. Every color has a different wavelength, or vibrational frequency, each of which corresponds to the organs and systems within the body. An imbalance can be treated by focusing specific colors onto organs/systems of a corresponding frequency.

Research has also shown that certain colors have measurable psychological and physiological effects on people, both negative and positve, and that the clothes we wear and colors we surround ourselves with can have a subtle, yet strong impact.

The information in this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, nor used to replace, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any ailment, nor does it replace consultation with your medical doctor and practitioner. It is intended only to enhance your knowledge in healing therapies. Please use it wisely. We care about your well-being.
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