Chromatherapy as a Career

Chromatherapy is practiced less often as a standalone healing method. It is more common to see practitioners incorporating it's use with other energy healing therapies such as Quantum Healing, Reiki, chakra therapy, aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is also becoming more and more common to see Chromatherapy offered as a hydrotherapy spa treatment (advertised as Chromatherapy baths or lounges) at various retreats and spas, rather than as a medical treatment.

Chromatherapy Certification & Licensing
Chromatherapy is not currently regulated and there is no widely accepted credentialing agency that exists. The International Association of Colour (IAC), located in Cambridge, England, is a professional association for Chromatherapists, healers and students. The IAC promotes and compiles research on vibrational medicine and is affiliated with various complimentary institutes and associations. The goal of the IAC is to be an information resource to the public on all aspects of color and light, including therapeutic, artistic, and scientific.

No studies have been conducted on the earnings of Chromatherapists to date. Due to Chromatherapy not being a widespread practice, it is recommended that Chromatherapy be offered in conjuction with other energy healing modalities as a method of income generation.

Average Length of Study
As no formal education is available, classes and workshops in Chromatherapy are available from various healing schools around the world. These can range from a one-day workshop to several days for certification.

Average Tuition
Fees for Chromatherapy workshop range from $100 and upwards, depending on the number of days involved and the supplies required.

The information in this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, nor used to replace, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any ailment, nor does it replace consultation with your medical doctor and practitioner. It is intended only to enhance your knowledge in healing therapies. Please use it wisely. We care about your well-being.
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