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Yoga for Power & Energy 

Dancer's poseHave you always been curious about yoga but didn't know how to get started? Are you concerned that you aren't flexible enough to practice yoga? Do you feel too intimidated to begin a yoga class?

First of all, yoga is accessible to almost everyone.  Flexibility is never a requirement, but rather something that progressively increases the more you practice.  As you become familiar with each pose and learn how to synchronize breath with yoga, you'll be amazed at how quickly your body opens up and becomes more limber.  Not only will your overall health improve, but your internal organs Niggling aches and joint stiffness disappear.  Creaky joints will move with ease and joint pain from arthritis will slowly and steadily reduce.  

Yoga is very easy to begin; all you need is a yoga mat and a willingness to commit!  A wonderful place to get started is with by scheduling private sessions. Not only will you learn the correct alignment for the different yoga poses, but you'll be able to practice simple yoga flows in no time.  I teach a form of yoga called Vinyasa, which links breath with movement to create a beautiful, graceful flow.  Vinyasa is the best form of yoga to increase the flow of energy and oxygen throughout your body.  I will teach you how to master your ability to energize your mind and body through the power of breath combined with Vinyasa flows.

Why Private Yoga Instruction?

Doing Yoga Poses Correctly Is VERY Important

A very important benefit of private yoga instruction is that you learn how to do each yoga pose correctly and how to prevent joint strain. You'll also learn why a strong core is the foundation of a healthy yoga pratice, and how to develop core strength. Understanding the power of synchronized breath and how it helps you work deeper into a pose is another benefit of private instruction.

When we practice yoga without understanding how to do poses correctly, we set ourselves up for trouble. Injuries from yoga are extremely common and chiropractic offices are filled with yoga practitioners that have hurt their shoulders, wrists, lower back, and neck. Repetitive strain from practicing postures incorrectly over time creates serious wear and tear on joints. Many new yogis are anxious to get upside-down and practice inversions such as hand stands and crow pose before their wrists, elbows, and shoulders have been properly conditioned to bear heavy weight, leading to repetitive wrist strain.

When I visit yoga studios and attend classes, I never fail to see students practicing poses incorrectly, collapsing into poses, or not stacking their joints correctly. Sometimes classes are so large, it's impossible to instructors to correct these errors. Some instructors are simply hands-off and are not comfortable adjusting their students.

Yoga & Becoming An Energy Master Go Hand-In-Hand

Whether you're new to yoga, or are a current practitioner and would like some guidance with postural alignment, I can set you firmly on the right track!  Not only will you learn how to practice yoga safely at home or in a class, but we'll take it MUCH further by learning how yoga flows can help ignite and expand your connection to the powerful energy that is the source of all creation.  This is the energy that determines whether you are healthy or sick, depressed or happy, and that you tune into to manifest the life of your dreams.

One-On-One + Small Group Yoga Sessions

Would you like private one-on-one instruction, or would you prefer practicing in a small group with your family or friends?  I'm available for both private and small group classes.

  • Individual sessions are $75/hr with discounts offered for multiple sessions, and when combined with any of my mind/body transformation programs or life coaching.  
  • Group session pricing varies based on the number of sessions and number of participants. 

For more information and to discuss your needs, please contact me directly.  If you'd like to read more about me and my qualifications, please view my biography.  If you'd like to read more about my philosophy of healthy living, read about The Body Healer and explore the Nutrition and Healthy Living section which will teach you how to easily and quickly establish healthy food and lifestyle choices!

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