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Get Wise Quick? Yes, Please!

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of reading many of the self-help books on the market today, you could read or listen to a condensed version in less than 15 mins?  Brian Johnson describes his PhilosopherNotes as “kinda like mini-Cliff's Notes for self development" books or “concentrated wisdom for your hero’s journey.”

Brian has opened up his favorite books, gone straight to those pages with the BIG IDEAS and created “PhilosophersNotes” that quickly give you the inspiring gems of the books along with Brian’s thoughts on how they have impacted his life and how they can impact yours.

There are currently 190 PhilosopherNotes (and growing) that you can choose from.  Each title features both a 6-page PDF (to read) and a 20 minute MP3 (to listen to) of distilled wisdom from the original books.  Access to all the notes is subscription-based at a price of $10/month.

Who is Brian Johnson, Anyway?

Let's take a quick look at his inspiring background...

In 2004, in an effort to integrate his philosophical and entrepreneurial selves and to put the truths he was studying into practice, Brian created Zaadz (now a part of Gaia).  Zaadz is a company named after the Dutch word for seed and focused on leveraging world-class social networking tools to connect, inspire, and empower people committed to transforming their lives and our planet. (Think: Facebook for people who want to change the world.)  As the "Philosopher & CEO" of Zaadz, he raised $3 million to finance the launch of the business.  Brian’s focus was on integrating spirituality and capitalism while he personally integrated his passion for understanding universal truths (and inspiring others to do the same) with his passion for creating businesses that change the world.

Brian also founded eteamz.com, now the leading sports website and software provider for sports teams and leagues, serving millions of sports organizations worldwide.  After selling eteamz.com, at 26 Brian embarked on his mission to discover his life's purpose.  He read voraciously, studying philosophy, psychology, mysticism and optimal living while traveling to the Middle East and parts of Central and Western Europe where he studied Socrates in Athens, Rumi in Turkey, Jesus in Jerusalem, and Marcus Aurelius in the Danube of Hungary.  And so it was, PhilosopherNotes was born.

Brian's mission in life is pretty simple:  To change the world by inspiring and empowering people to live at their highest potential while using their strengths in the greatest service to the world.

I don't know about you, but I think that's a mission we should all embrace.

Brian's most recent creation is en*theos.  Coined an Academy For Optimal Living, it is a virtual classroom comprised of "classes" from world-class teachers on how to live to our highest and best potential.  It also offers many free symposiums featuring interviews of world-class experts on a given theme.  The symposiums are fabulous.

Why Do I Personally Recommend PhilosopherNotes?

Because they are a GREAT time-saver!  I"m a read-a-holic, but I'm so busy I barely have time to write my blog, never mind catch up on all the reading I'd like to do!  So many books and so little time...  ahh, the agony of it.  I love that Brian has cleverly extracted the nuggets of wisdom that the original books have to offer and added his wise and witty commentary to make for a great speed read.  

As well as his PhilosopherNotes, Brian's most recent book is called A Philosopher's Notes [On Optimal Living, Creating An Authentically Awesome Life and Other Such Goodness].

I also recommend Brian's symposiums because they are chock-full of inspiring and motivating words that are guaranteed to make you feel like you can conquer the world (and did I mention, they are free! :-))

If you would like to check out more of what Brian has to offer, visit his websites:




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