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How to Eliminate Cellulite Permanently

CELLULITE!  It causes millions of women to run screaming from a bathing suit.  It's created a multi-billion dollar industry of products that consistently fail to produce any success.  It causes us to feel self-conscious and change our summer clothing habits so we can hide it and undergo expensive surgeries and use crazy devices in desperate attempts to get rid of it.  How is it possible that after so many years, cellulite remains the biggest beauty concern worldwide?

The answer to that question lies in two words:  INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  Product manufacturers bank on the fact they can lure consumers in with false promises of quick results, effectively turning our gaze away from the simple fact that you don't need to waste your money on any of these products to be cellulite-free.  Why?  Because once you understand the true cause of cellulite, you'll see that you have the power to quickly and easily get rid of it for good.

Getting cellulite-free is not difficult.  In fact, the steps you need to take are very simple.  The sooner you begin, will quicker you'll get rid of that unsightly gremlin for good!

Let's begin with two fundamental truths when it comes to eliminating cellulite: 

  1. Cellulite can only be fixed from the inside out, and 
  2. Eliminating cellulite involves specific diet and lifestyle habits

Why Do We Get Cellulite

CelluliteThere is a lot of confusion about what cellulite is and even more confusion about what causes it.  Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is NOT fat.  Being overweight may make it worse, but skinny people also suffer from it too.

The cells in our skin are held together in a nice, even fibrous mesh (see image).  When this mesh is healthy, it's resilient and firm.  Nutrients flow into the cells and waste is removed in a cycle called cellular metabolism.  But when this flow of nutrients into and waste out of the cells is disrupted, our cells become congested.  

  1. Over time, the cells become clogged with waste build-up and also become waterlogged from too much sodium in our diet (more on this below).  
  2. The fibrous mesh that keeps the skin firm begins to weaken and overfill, eventually breaking down and causing the tell-tale signs of cellulite.  
  3. As this breakdown continues, the skin also loses its elasticity, making it more difficult to snap back from cellulite.

Putting it very simply, cellulite is a condition created as a result of cellular congestion.

The Sodium/Potassium Factor

Sodium and potassium are two very important minerals that work closely together to maintain a delicate balance within our cells.  This balance makes sure that nutrients are efficiently absorbed by our cells and tissues and waste is removed in a continual cycle.  When the potassium/sodium ratio leans heavily towards sodium as it does in the typical American diet, the health of not only our skin but our entire body begins to degenerate.  Too much sodium causes the body to hold on to excess fluids.  The ratio of sodium to potassium is thrown off-balance and waste cannot be effectively removed.  

When we take a look at the ratio of sodium to potassium in refined foods, the sodium content is much, much higher.  In comparison, fresh fruits and vegetables are naturally either higher in potassium than sodium, or found in a similar ratio.  Not only that, they are very high in water content, naturally hydrating our cells and tissues to assist in waste removal.  When we eat a diet high in sodium and low in potassium, it contributes directly to cellular congestion.  Low levels of potassium also cause us to feel tired and irritable.  Over time, a potassium deficiency caused by to much salt in our diet can cause more serious problems as the muscles, valves, and arteries of the cardiovascular system adapt by shrinking and calcifying tissue.  A long-term potential health condition is congestive heart failure.

Water Weight Loss

When we start a healthy diet, we often lose a dramatic amount of weight in the first 2 weeks.  This is due to the excess water stored by our body caused by our high sodium diet.  This excess water the body has been holding on to is now released as the sodium/potassium balance normalizes.  Even though the weight loss is largely water and not fat, don't downplay this loss and say "oh, it's just water!"  Ridding your body of all this excess water is just as important as fat loss.  At the same time, the high quality nutrition our new, healthy diet begins rebuilding the damaged fibrous mesh in our skin.  The result?  We begin to clear out the cellulite!

The 4 Golden Rules

OK, so we now know that cellulite is.  We also understand that to get rid of it we need to clear up the congestion by normalizing the flow of nutrients into our cells and waste products out of our cells.  Let's talk about the 4 golden rules that will help us do just that.

number1   Eating the right foods

Fruit 'n veggie basketTo begin clearing out the junk which is the key to healing at the cellular level, there are three types of foods that should form THE MAJORITY of your diet (over 80%).

> Fresh fruits (a selection of your favorite!)
> Fresh veggies (as any as possible, especially the crunchy salad veggies)
> Sprouts (think alfalfa, sunflower greens, wheat grass, mung beans)

Your goal is to fill your diet with a colorful rainbow of fresh produce.  Reds, oranges, greens, purples, yellows... look for the brightest you can find and chow down.  These foods are very high in antioxidants which not only help the body heal quickly, but also help bulletproof your immune system.

Fruits and veggies are incredibly versatile foods.  Eat them whole, chop them up, juice them, make into smoothies.  Mixing and matching different fruits and veggies is the best way to experience a broad spectrum of nutrition in your diet.  When it comes to fruits, have fun eating your favorites and creating a plate with a variety.  For veggies,think salads filled with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers, jicama, and avocado - then perhaps add some figs and strawberries.  Grill up your veggie favorites and season with a little pepper, sea salt, and lemon juice.

These types of foods are very high in water content.  They cleanse and detox your system like no other foods on earth can, purging built-up waste, and healing damaged tissue and health conditions such as cellulite.  They are also high vibrational foods, meaning they bathe your cells with life force energy and help restore them to perfect health.  When you eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies, you never have to waste your money signing up for a "summer detox" or "spring cleanse" or any other "detox-of-the-month" because these foods naturally detoxify you each and every day.

The remaining 20% or less of your diet should be focused on:

> Sprouted seeds & grains (think quinoa, chia, flax seeds)
> Raw nuts & seeds
> Sprouted grain breads & wraps
> Wild caught fish / grass fed meat & dairy products in very small quantities (optional, for non-vegetarians)

Where possible, always choose organic and non-GMO foods.  Especially avoid processed soy of any kind - processed soy is the junk food of the vegan and vegetarian world.  They ONLY type of soy to put in your body is whole soybeans (also known as edamame) that are non-GMO and organic and only in small quantities.  There's nothing healthy about eating a high-soy diet, and here's why.

Avoid supplements completely (unless medically necessary)

Especially avoid any detox program that recommends and/or includes them.  Most supplements are made with synthetic lab-made chemicals and the majority are manufactured in China (over 90% of the US supply of vitamin C comes from China).  When we eat a  whole food, thousands of nutrients work synergistically together to provide us with what we need to be healthy.  Supplements are a very poor substitute.  Nutrients were never meant to be isolated and then taken in large quantities in supplement form and do not work the same when isolated.  More importantly, the body recognizes the difference between the natural nutrients in whole foods vs. synthetic chemicals in supplements and sees these chemicals as toxins.  The result?  More for the body to detoxify, and slower progress with eliminating your cellulite. 

number1   Getting your body moving

Cobra poseLosing cellulite is not about spending many hours a week on exercise machines or slaving away doing aerobics.  Many people who exercise religiously suffer from cellulite, just as many who don't have none.  When it comes to exercise, the old paradigm no longer works.  I've lost count of the number of clients I've counseled who have slaved away at the gym only to feel like they're getting nowhere.  They combine aerobics with weight training on a heavy exercise schedule, continually overtaxing an already over-stressed body.  To add insult to injury, their cellulite continues to glare right back at them in crinkly defiance!

Does getting rid of cellulite involve exercising?  Yes it does...  but not the kind you may think.  It's the kind that keeps us moving, stretches our limbs, and keeps us flexible; the kind that strengthens our entire circulatory system.  Most importantly when it comes to cellulite-busting, it does 3 things:

  1. It stimulates the flow of lymph (to remove cellular waste):  
    The lymphatic system transports a clear and colorless fluid called "lymph" which helps the body get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials.  By stimulating the flow of lymph, we increase our capacity to transport nutrients to tissues and waste from tissues.  This reduces and eliminates the cellular congestion that contributes to cellulite.  Not only that, but when we much more effectively remove toxic waste from our organs and tissues, we automatically help prevent disease from settling in.  Cellular congestion also lowers our energy level and contributes to fatigue - we literally become "devitalized."
  2. It increases the flow of oxygen throughout our cells and tissues:  
    There are several ways we can increase the flow of oxygen throughout our body:  Through eating fresh, living foods high in water content such as fresh fruits and veggies that are sun ripened; by breathing deeply; and by exercising.  The most important thing that exercise does is to increase our oxygen content.  It increases the number and size of blood vessels that carry blood and nutrients to the body's tissues.  As we increase our lung capacity to take in more oxygen, we not only strengthen our entire circulatory system, but we also increase the oxygenation of every single cell in our entire body.
  3. It increases our metabolism:
    The more active we are, the higher our metabolic rate.  This is because muscle tissue is metabolically more active than fat tissue and is a much firmer and more compact type of tissue.  Muscle tissue also burns up far more energy than fat, which is relatively inactive.  As you increase muscle, you have your own internal "furnace" to consistently burn up more calories 24/7.

Exercise is about finding different ways to be active that you enjoy and to include these activities in your life.  The types of exercise your body needs should never spell misery!  Let's talk about the types of exercise that will help you eliminate cellulite - no misery involved!

Stretchy Exercise

As we get older, we naturally produce less collagen and elastin and the integrity of our skin begins to decline.  Our muscles become tighter and shorter, which means the range of motion in our joints is lessened.  One of the best ways to stimulate and rejuvenate our skin and eliminate general joint/muscle aches first thing in the morning (as well as pulled muscles in general) is to work on limbering up our body.  Two great ways we can do this is to either do a set of stretching exercises every day, or practice yoga (especially hatha yoga or any type of restorative yoga).  Check out local yoga studios, community centers, and gyms to see what classes they offer.  Stretching or yoga can be done using a DVD to learn the basics.

A complete set of stretching exercises is included when you sign up for the Body Healer Protocol.

Energizing Exercise

In contrast to the very low impact and gentle activity of stretching, energizing movement is just that - it's movement that wakes you up and makes you feel energized and upbeat.  It's a splash of fresh oxygen to your body and your brain cells!  It could be taking a brisk walk, or taking a slow jog, or getting on a cardio machine at the gym.  It could be going for a swim, or vigorously dancing around the house to your favorite music.  Whatever activity you choose, it's important to sustain it for at least 20 mins.

Choose an aerobic activity you enjoy and do it on a regular basis.  Mix and match it up for variety if you like and explore activities you've never tried before.  How about joining a swimming or racquetball or volleyball team at the local gym, or an exercise-focused meetup group?

Upping Your General Activity

It's also important to increase your general activity too.  For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk or cycle to work; walk briskly on your lunch break.  Going to the grocery store?  Choose the parking spot furthest away from the door (no more trying to find a parking spot).  Watching a movie or your favorite TV show?  Do mini-workouts during the show, or each time a commercial comes on, see how many sit-ups or lunges or push-ups you can do!

If you do more exercise than you need to for your health, or choose forms of activity that are not necessary to be healthy simply because you love them, go at it!  Enjoy yourself and embrace that optimism!  Just make sure you don't overtax your body and that you always feed it high quantities of healthy food.

Remember!  The more sedentary you are:
the slower your metabolism
the more sluggish your lymph
the less waste is removed
the less oxygenated you become 
Throw out the welcome mat for cellulite!

number1   Dry skin brushing

Dry skin sponges & brushes

Our skin is the single largest organ of our body.  One of the best ways to help eliminate cellulite is by skin brushing.  Not only does it feel wonderful, but skin brushing has the added benefit of being easy to do and only takes a few minutes each day.

Skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes, helping to remove waste from the body.  By increasing circulation and relieving cellular congestion, cellulite automatically reduces.  Skin brushing also exfoliates the skin by helping to remove dead skin cells, which in turn stimulates cellular renewal.

Your skin plays an important role in detoxification. By stimulating it directly and helping it to remove waste more efficiently, you automatically increase its ability to detoxify.

What to Use

When it comes to dry skin brushing, there are several different types of things you can use.  The main tool of choice is a high quality natural bristle brush (see pic).  The bristles should feel firm, but not too hard or they will hurt.  Dry skin bristle brushes can be purchased online or at most health food stores.

Some brushes are double-sided and have large "knobs" on the back of them that also help stimulate and massage the skin.  They offer a different way to help break up cellular waste beneath the skin that contributes to cellulite.  Feel free to use the knobby side first, but then finish with the brush side.

How to Do It

Aim to do dry skin brushing every day at any time when you're undressed.  Before putting on your clothes or taking a shower is a great time because you're already naked.  You can brush your entire body (although avoid the face and privates as the firm bristles are too abrasive for these delicate areas - ouch!).  Also, avoid irritated skin, or varicose veins.  If you dry skin brush when you take a shower, do it before rather than afterwards as the skin is more sensitive to brush bristles after bathing or showering.

Yes, there is a method to skin brushing!  In general, use firm pressure and long sweeping strokes.  If any areas contain cellulite, give them more of your attention by using circular motions to help break up the cellular congestion.  The direction that we brush in is determined by where our major lymph nodes are located:

Arms:  Brush from wrist to elbow, and then from elbow to armpit.
Legs:  Brush from feet to knee, and then from knee to groin.
Tummy:  Use small, circular strokes, followed by sweeping strokes towards the groin
Back:  Brush from lower back up towards the lower shoulder and armpit.
Buttocks:  Use large, circular strokes, followed by sweeping strokes which come around the hips and towards the groin

When you've finished, your skin should have a fresh, pink glow.  If your skin is red, then lighten up on the pressure next time.  

number4   Eliminating environmental toxins

Caffeine & smokingWhen it comes to getting rid of cellulite, we not only have to make sure we fill our body with the right types of foods, we also need to make sure we stop adding new toxins from unhealthy food and lifestyle habits that damage the cellular integrity of our body.  Let's take a look at the main offenders:

  • Cigarette smoke / second hand smoke
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Industrial pollutants (especially in air and water)
  • Toxins in household chemicals & cleaning products
  • Toxins in personal care products (think make-up, shampoos, soaps, mouthwash, etc.)
  • Insecticides & other toxic gardening chemicals
Junk Food

The fastest way to destroy your health and your body's ability to maintain a healthy and resilient skin structure (crucial to cellulite elimination) is by eating junk food.  But we aren't just talking about burgers and hot dogs and candy here.  Junk foods now fill over 80% of the supermarket shelves, hidden behind lies on food labels and misleading pictures and advertising on food packaging.  Junk food includes any food that contains food chemicals and any unnatural ingredients.  What are the biggest offenders?  Frozen meals, canned foods, diet foods, protein bars, bottled juices, cereals, baked goods, and fried foods.  

disease diet

How can you make sure that the food you purchase doesn't contain junk ingredients?  It's easy!  Make sure that most of your diet is comprised of fresh fruits and veggies (hint:  there is no ingredient list to look at).  If you purchase any food that is in a package, look very carefully at the ingredient list.  See anything that is NOT a whole food, or is a chemical, or other ingredient you don't recognize as a healthy food?  Put it right back on the shelf and don't look back.


The one culprit that does far more damage to the body than most people are aware of is stress.  In fact, the effects of chronic stress can be more damaging than a heart attack.  Stress is also a significant contributing factor to cancer and autoimmune conditions, dramatically increasing free radicals in the body and overstimulating our system.  Learn more about the devastating long-term impact of chronic stress.

How Long Will It Take?

Once you get yourself on track with the 4 golden rules, your cellulite will begin to disappear much quicker than you think.  As your body becomes cleaner and more efficient with high quality nutrition and increased oxygenation, the cellular mesh of your skin will regenerate as congestion clears up.  Daily skin brushing helps to increase the removal of waste through your lymphatic system.  Take before and after pictures and watch your cellulite steadily reduce each week.

Need More Help?

To learn more about healthy food and lifestyle habits that will help you not only eliminate cellulite for good but also heal from disease, lose weight and eliminate stress and depression, check out the Body Healer Protocol.  If you need some one-on-one help, schedule a personal consultation and we'll work together to quickly get you on the right track!

The Body Healer Protocol
The Body Healer Protocol






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