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Is Your Breakfast Healthy or Harmful? Find out now...

It's something most people pay very little attention to.  Some skip it completely, while others wolf it down in the car on the way to work.  But breakfast (and what you eat for breakfast) is much more important than you may think.  Let's talk about what makes a breakfast healthy, and what breakfast foods not only damage our body but also rob us of our energy.

In the world of health and nutrition, some of the worst things we can put in our mouths are falsely labeled as "highly nutritious!" and "heart healthy!" and "doctor recommended!"  From breakfast cereals to fried foods to muffins and doughnuts, millions of Americans fill up on foods that are highly processed and refined, high in calories, high in fat, dense and heavy, and devoid of any real nutrition. 

When it comes to breakfast, the single best way to begin your day is by eating fresh, living foods.  What are these foods?  Let's take a look, and let's talk about why you need them...

Let's Talk About Which Foods

The Best (80-100%)

Fresh fruits (a selection of your favorite!)
Fresh veggies (think crunchy salad veggies)
Sprouts (think alfalfa, sunflower greens, wheat grass)

Eat them whole, chop them up, juice them, make into smoothies - when it comes to fruits and veggies, the possibilities are endless!  Mixing and matching fruits and veggies is the best way to experience a broad spectrum of nutrition in your diet. 


Why juice or blend?

Fresh, organic, and ripe fruits and vegetables that have been juiced or blended are a very special type of food.  If you don't already include them in your diet, consider including them every day.  They contain the highest concentration of nutrients, oxygen, and high vibrational energy of any food on the planet.  In liquid form, it's like taking a life-giving shot right through the body while requiring very little energy to digest.  They intensely nourish every cell and tissue in your body like nothing else can and are an absolute must for those suffering from health conditions.  Why opt for organic whenever possible?  Because the pesticides used on produce in the US have been conclusively linked to various cancers, neurological disorders, reproductive damage, and autism.  Learn more and take a look at the health studies...

Pesticides in our food - the serious health hazard...

The power of the green smoothie is an unmatched nutritional powerhouse. It’s a very easy way to sneak in a large amounts of greens in your diet (more than you’d eat from your dinner plate!).  They have more nutrients than any other food group on the planet, contain easily assimilated amino acids (the building blocks of protein – yes, plant foods contain the highest quality protein available... this is one of the reasons why gorillas are the strongest animals on earth).  Juicing and blending breaks down the cell walls of the plant so that you can easily absorb the maximum amount of nutrition.  Blending has the added benefit of retaining all the original fiber, most of which is removed in juicing.  Fiber is important for internal cleansing, creating muscular wave-like contractions called "peristalsis" to help the body sweep food throughout your digestive system.

The Do's & Don'ts of Juices & Smoothies

Even though juices and smoothies are the healthiest foods on the planet, it's deceptively easy to fall into the high fat and high calorie pitfall, turning them into unhealthy choices.  If you add yogurt, liquid oils, milk, or nut/soy milk to your smoothies, check out why you should nix these items in favor of much lighter and healthier choices. 

Juicing & smoothie do's and don'ts...

The Next Best (10-20%)

Sprouted seeds & grains (think quinoa, chia, flax seeds)
Sprouted grain breads & wraps

Fruits and/or veggies should always form the bulk of your breakfast (if not 100%), with sprouted seeds and grains coming in second.  These highly nutritious foods can be added to smoothies, and sprouted grain bread be used for fresh veggie sandwiches (think lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprout, and avocado wrap). 


Let's Talk About Why

Let's explore 5 very important reasons to always begin your day with these fabulous living foods:

number1   They fill you with energy

Our body uses up a tremendous amount of energy to digest food.  Biologists estimate that over 50% of our energy is spent on the digestion, assimilation, and elimination of food.  Many people feel sleepy by mid-afternoon because their breakfast and lunch has bogged down their digestive system.  The type of breakfast foods we eat and the combinations we eat them in can cause much of our energy to be used in the digestive process.  Millions of Americans are deeply entrenched in a caffeine addiction, barely functioning at work without coffee to give an artificial jolt to their central nervous system.

The best foods to eat for breakfast are foods that not only provide our body with lots of energy, but take very little energy themselves to digest.  Not only does this give us a big energy boost, it also frees up a substantial amount of energy that the body can now use to begin cleansing and detoxifying the body, purging built-up waste, and healing damaged tissue and health conditions.  It's a natural way to internally clean our body every day, giving our gastrointestinal tract a rest while at the same time flooding it with the most powerful nutrients available.

number1   They are bursting with nutrition 

As we've just talked about, living foods are the most nutritious foods on the planet.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the single best way to fill your body with antioxidant-rich nutrients and thousands of other compounds that nourish and heal the body.  These compounds protect our cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals and are crucial in strengthening our immune system.  They also naturally reduce chronic inflammation in the body which is the foundation for many autoimmune and chronic diseases.  Antioxidants are found in abundant supply in nature in all brightly colored fruits and veggies.

number1   They hydrate you

Non-starchy fruits and veggies are very high in water content.  If you juiced most of these foods, they would give you a lot of juice because they contain so much water!  They are very hydrating, helping to transport nutrients into our cells and tissues and removing cellular waste.  They are a natural cleanse for our internal systems.  Dense and heavy foods, processed and refined foods, and over-cooked/fried foods are stripped of moisture.  They dehydrate the cells and tissues of our body and contribute to the state of chronic dehydration that is now an epidemic in the US.


number1  They digest quickly and efficiently

Unprocessed fruits and vegetables digest very rapidly in our body when eaten alone and in their natural state.

  • Fresh fruits digest the quickest, in 15-45 mins
  • Vegetables (non-starchy/non-dense) digest in 1-2 hours
  • Vegetables (starchy/dense) digest in 2-3 hours
  • Animal proteins (meat, poultry, fish, dairy) digest in 4-6+ hours
  • Grains, beans & lentils are more difficult to digest due to their high concentrations of both starch and protein, and can take 5-6 hours or more

But these "transit" times can be significantly increased.  Depending on the way we combine our foods, we can significantly increase the time it takes for our body to digest foods which can bog down our digestive system and lower our energy level.  For example, fruit eaten alone digests very quickly, but if fruit is eaten with grains or beans, their digestion can take 5 hours or more.  This additional time causes them to ferment creating gas and other gastrointestinal discomfort.  Always aim to eat your fruit first and wait at least 15 mins before eating any other food type.

Other things that can delay digestion include high stress levels and medications, including antibiotics.

number1  They are high in life-force energy

Organic and fully ripe fruits and vegetables absorb the most sunlight.  They emit the highest quantity of bio-photons(tiny units of light energy) which makes them high vibrational foods.  High vibrational foods are the key to our health and longevity as disease cannot develop or thrive in a body that vibrates at a healthy, high frequency.  The more we eat these foods, the higher our vibrational frequency.  

Low vibrational foods include food that have been processed, refined, microwaved, fried, over-cooked, pasteurized, genetically modified, and contain unnatural food chemicals and pesticides.  Eating these foods in large quantities on a regular basis lowers the vibrational state of our body, causing it to become receptive to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders that also resonate at these lower frequencies.  To learn more about energy, frequency, and disease, check out the Body Healer Protocol.

The higher your vibrational state, 
the healthier your body becomes

The Highs vs. the Lows

Always begin the day with light and energizing foods (if you want to feel energized).  A heavy breakfast of dense foods that is low vibrational in nature significantly reduces your energy levels.  Write down the following simple formula and memorize it for breakfast!

Thumbs up  AIM FOR Higher vibrational foods
Lighter + brightly colored + less dense + high in water content

What are they?

  How are they prepared?
80-100% fruits & veggies
(fresh & raw)

10-20% nuts, seeds & grains
(sprouted or raw)
  100% fresh


Thumbs down  AVOID Lower vibrational foods
Heavier + more dense + low in water content

What are they?
  How are they prepared?
Legumes & grains (cooked)
Nuts & seeds (except raw)
  Highly processed / refined


From a healthy, high vibrational standpoint, the habit of eating processed cereals and pasteurized milk, a mixture of fried bacon or sausage or ham with eggs, toast, and/or fried hash browns, or other heavy breakfast foods is as energy-depleting as you can get.  It's just about the worst way you could begin your day or treat your body.  It's also a fast-track to chronic disease.  Once you walk away from these choices in favor of lighter and healthier foods, I promise you that the difference in your health, in how you feel, and in how efficient your digestion becomes will make you never want to return to this way of eating again. 

High Vibrational Living

To learn more about high vibrational living and how to transform your mind and body through the power of food, check out the Body Healer Protocol.  This powerful cutting-edge program is will help you quickly cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, remove excess weight, and resolve physical, emotional, and psychological imbalances.

The Body Healer Protocol
The Body Healer Protocol




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