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The Body Healer Protocol

Quantum Approach to Health & Vitality

Welcome to the world of high vibrational living! The Body Healer Protocol is the first in-depth master guide to healing your body from disease and achieving a life of health, wealth, and happiness by learning how to raise the frequency of your body. 

When it comes to trying to make our lives better, we try to change the effect without changing the cause. What if I told you that the root cause of ANY imbalance can be reduced to two simple words? And what if you could restore your body and your mind to a state of balance—and all the circumstances in your life to a state of happiness and contentment—at any moment in time using the power of these two words?

Energy frequency!  

The frequency that radiates out from your body is the cumulative result of the thoughts you think, the foods you eat, and the lifestyle choices you make. Your frequency can attract higher vibrational people, events, objects, and circumstances that are the stuff dreams are made of, or it can attract just the opposite—debt, ill health, unhappy situations, and depression. By raising your vibrational frequency, you can immediately begin attracting different things into your life that also resonate at these higher frequencies. The Body Healer Protocol will take you by the hand and show you how to do just that.


Your body & mind...
SPEED UP your metabolism naturally
LOSE WEIGHT quickly & easily
HEAL your body from disease
BULLET-PROOF your immune system
MAKE healthy & highly nutritious food choices
DETOXIFY your body with high vibrational foods
ELIMINATE cellulite & tighten loose skin
SLOW DOWN the aging process
SHARPEN your mind & memory
HEAL from depression
ELIMINATE antidepressants & sleep meds

Your life...
In the MIND section of the protocol, you will learn how to master the power of energy to manifest your goals and create the life of your dreams.  Step-by-step instructions will take you by the hand and show you how.  

DISCOVER your passion & unlock your potential
CHANGE your life by changing your mind
REMOVE obstacles & limitations to your success
TURN DREAMS & goals into accomplishments
USE the 6 golden rules to creating the life you want
GET empowered, Get motivated, and GET going!

Real results - lasting change

The Body Healer Protocol

When it comes to your health, your diet, lifestyle habits, and your state of mind are the most powerful medicines on this earth.


The Body Healer Protocol
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"The primary determinants of most cancers are lifestyle factors such as tobacco, dietary & exercise habits, environmental carcinogens, and infectious agents, NOT genetic factors."

World Health Org. (WHO)


In the coming years, high vibrational living will become a household phrase as more and more people embrace the fundamental truth that they have the power to change everything in their lives by actively learning how to change their vibrational frequency DISEASE WILL NO LONGER EXIST as we will have risen above the frequencies that generate these diseases. Depression will transform into contentment, and debt into wealth. Poverty is the result of poverty consciousness, and it will be a part of the world we leave behind. 

The Body Healer Protocol will help you break free from the illusion that you’re less than capable of easily achieving everything you’ve ever wanted in life, and to help you awaken and understand how powerful you really are. You will release the social conditioning, outdated beliefs, and limiting perceptions that bind you to a life of limits and lack, disease and distress.

Once you experience a higher vibrational state, you’ll no longer need to follow the “diet of the moment” or “guru of the day” to search for the answers because you’ll understand that you possess all you need to have whatever you want. The words “diet” and “illness” will no longer be part of your vocabulary, and your health will experience a quantum leap forward. The words “debt” and “struggle” will lose their power, and all you want to achieve will flow to you effortlessly. How? Because your vibrational frequency dictates whether these things come to you or whether they don’t.

You are about to embark on the path toward achieving success, living a happy and healthy life, healing your body, and transforming yourself into the limitless being you were born to be.

OK I'm ready! How do I get the Protocol?

The Body Healer Protocol best-seller is available to purchase online from Amazon in both soft-copy and digital format!  

I am overweight. Can the protocol help me?

Absolutely!  Not only will you lose all of your excess fat and help your body re-balance to its ideal weight, but your weight loss will be permanent because you will know what your body needs to sustain your perfect weight.
The reason most diets fail, or lead to a temporary weight loss, is because:

  1. They fall far short of the type and quality of food that your body needs to reduce the cellular congestion that degrades the cells and tissues of the body. Cellular congestion not only causes us to hold onto excess weight, but also creates gastrointestinal problems, skin conditions, and sets the stage for future health conditions.  This is why being overweight is a "risk factor" for so many different diseases.  It's an early warning sign from the body that we should not ignore.

  2. They fail to take into account how other lifestyle factors such as our stress level, our activity level, and toxins in our environment all play an integral role in our weight.

  3. Most diet foods are unhealthy and seriously denatured food, filled with highly processed ingredients, food chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified foods.  They create cellular congestion and help set the foundation for long-term health issues. 
The Body Healer Protocol is a whole-body approach that will teach you how to get the weight off and how to keep it off for good!

I have been diagnosed with cancer. Can the protocol help me?

There are thousands of people who have healed their cancer through making the important diet and lifestyle changes you will learn all about in The Body Healer Protocol. The protocol can be used as a stand-alone approach, or it can be used in conjunction with a traditional or integrative approach to healing cancer.  The protocol will show you which foods are anti-cancer powerhouses (and I've listed the many clinical studies to prove it).
Traditional cancer treatments have two very big drawbacks:
  1. In aiming to destroy cancerous cells, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation wreak havoc on the body and seriously damage the resiliency of the immune system.  Not only does this impact the body's ability to heal itself, but it drastically increases the likelihood of future illness and cancer recurrence.

  2. Traditional medicine does not address the root cause of cancer, nor does it focus on removing this root cause. This also increases the likelihood of cancer recurrence.
The protocol is an extremely powerful adjunct to your traditional cancer treatment because it addresses both of these drawbacks. Not only does it effectively address the root cause of why the cancer developed to begin with, but it also focuses on healing and strengthening your immune system to help your body naturally recover from the disease.  A healthy and strong immune system significantly reduces the likelihood of future illness.
If you choose to follow this protocol, it is, however, very important that you work closely with your oncologist on how best to integrate this protocol into your treatment program.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Restoring your life to a state of balance and your body to a state of health is a process, not a single event.  But even though results do not happen overnight, inner change begin immediately.  Physical, emotional, and psychological results will follow quickly. The sooner you begin, and the more dedicated you are to the protocol, the quicker you will experience the results.
All it takes is committing to the program and you will change the course of your health and your life, forever.  Always embrace this moment as your starting point.  Your current situation exists because it has something to teach you and it is important that you integrate the growth lessons it offers.  Remember... the further you have to go, the more dramatic your transformation!  Just ensure you remain 100% dedicated to your success.

How long has The Body Healer been in business for?

The Body Healer is proud to celebrate its 12th anniversary helping people worldwide!

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