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About Irini

My name is Irini and I am a health, nutrition, & natural living expert.  As co-founder of The Body Healer, I have over 20 years of experience understanding mind/body medicine and the energetics of the human body.  I am also author of The Body Healer Protocol.

In my private practice, I am an educator that teaches my clients and students how to both physically and emotionally detoxify at the cellular level, and how to heal from chronic disease.  I also teach that we are all creators of our own reality, and it is only our limited perceptions and beliefs that prevent us from achieving our infinite potential to creating the life of our dreams.  I thoroughly enjoy what I do and it is my deepest pleasure to provide you with the very best advice on health and longevity.

I have studied almost every diet from Atkins, to The Zone, blood type diets, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the USDA pyramids, South Beach, Fat Flush, and Paleo, to different dietary philosophies including raw food, vegetarian, vegan, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, and Macrobiotics.  I can tell you with certainty that when it comes to choosing the right diet, there is no one-fits-all answer because we are all individual beings with unique needs.  But there are principles of health that will always hold true, and no matter who you are and what body type you have, if you have a human body then these principles will always form the foundation for health, and if we don't follow them, our bodies will begin to degrade.  These principles involve recognizing that nutrition is only one part of a much bigger puzzle when it comes to achieving balance.  Understanding how to nurture that balance with what your body needs is the most powerful form of healing on earth.

My Background

Since my early teens, I have been immersed in a relentless pursuit for the meaning of life.  I soaked up every book I could find on philosophy, metaphysics, mind/body medicine, and the energetics of the human body.  I became deeply absorbed in quantum physics, while at the same time began discovering the interconnected nature of all things.  This knowledge began to form a key to opening up the mystery of life that had evaded me.

"On Paper" Qualifications

My formal education consists of:

  leaf   M.S., Natural Health & Healing
  leaf   Certified Plant Based Nutritionist, eCornell, Cornell University
  leaf   Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach
  leaf   Certified Natural Health Practitioner
  leaf   Energy-based Medicine Practitioner
  leaf   Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor
  leaf   Master Coach

I am a drugless practitioner.  My experience has taught me that energy and food are the most powerful "drugs" on earth.  Occasionally, I may recommend supplements only if there is a deficiency or a health issue, but only for a limited period of time.  Supplements are fractionated products that are a very poor substitute for healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Previously, I worked for 18 years in the tech sector for companies including First Data Corp, Alcatel, and CurtCo Media, and as a Sr. Technology Consultant specializing in technology infrastructure.  I am an avid equestrian and recently fulfilled my dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.

"Street" Qualifications

My qualifications don't just come from my studies, a degree, or some other piece of paper.  What helps me effectively guide you and identify with you is that I've been where you are now.  You'll get the benefit of personal experience from someone who's been to hell and back when it comes to their body.  I have been 210 lbs, living the life of eating Jack In The Box for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, and an endless variety of fried foods and frozen meals for dinner.  My staple foods were Twix, Toblerone, Peanut M&Ms and double western bacon cheeseburgers from Carl's Jr.  

I've lived through acne so bad that I hated leaving the house.  I've had cellulite so awful that I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts or a bathing suit.  I've experienced depression and anxiety so intense I'd pray that when I went to sleep at night, I'd not wake up the next morning.  I have suffered insomnia so chronic I'd go for over a week at a time with no sleep and developed an addiction to Ambien.  I also suffered from terrible restless leg syndrome and all sorts of gastrointestinal issues.

When it comes to diets, I've lived through so many I've lost count and I've tried so many different dietary principles that my head spun.  Diet pills and supplements?  Well, you could start a supplement mega-store with what I've used! 

I have felt completely powerless, immersed in debt and working in a dead-end job that could barely provide enough to make my rent payment and basic utilities, never mind food and gas.  Embracing my power to recognize that I am the master of my destiny and that I could manifest whatever I wanted was not a part of my reality.

Really... I've been there.

"Beauty & vitality are gifts from nature for those who live by her laws."

Leonardo da Vinci

At the end of it all I discovered that health wasn't about following any diet.  Feeling happy and fulfilled and successful wasn't about believing that I was destined for mediocrity while other people were destined for all the great stuff that I was being denied.  Nor was it about blaming others for my lot in life or wallowing in my own pity party.  It was all about understanding that every single life's experience I was having was a result of my state of mind, and diet and lifestyle choices that either raised or lowered my life force energy (or vibrational state). 

The transformation of my body began with the transformation of my mind.  It all came down to energy and vibration:  What energy is, how it impacts us, and how we can direct it.  I quickly realized that the only obstacle was me.  I simply lacked understanding about the nature of reality and the role energy plays, and when I finally figured that out... well, there was no stopping me from claiming the destiny of MY choice! 

I had began as an ordinary girl investigating extraordinary things and came full circle to the realization that we are all extraordinary beings.

Today, I'm in better shape than I have ever been in my life.  I am a healthy and vibrant 131 lbs with absolutely no health issues and flawless bloodwork at my annual physicals.  I live in a beautiful home with more than enough money to be very comfortable.  I am blessed to be surrounded by my incredible family of the human, furry and scaley kind.  Debt and poverty consciousness are no longer part of my reality because I released them a long time ago.

My Goal

My goal is to guide you towards achieving success, living a happy and healthy life, healing your body, and transforming yourself into the limitless being you were born to be.  For this purpose, I created The Body Healer website as a source of knowledge and guidance for those who want to learn how to get healthy, stay healthy, and move beyond simply surviving and instead evolve.  I also offer private consultations for health and nutrition coaching, healing from disease naturally, integrative counseling, mindset and performance coaching, and yoga instruction,  To make an appointment, please click below:

The Body Healer grows and flourishes each day with new content.  It is a living, breathing, and continually evolving source of guidance for you in your journey into high vibrational living.  It is completely dedicated to you, and to helping you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.