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Why Our Kids Are Getting Sicker & Fatter

Childhood obesity is now an epidemicMillions of Americans are lost when it comes to healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices.  They are addicted to the chemicals in processed food, are over-stressed, undernourished, and overmedicated.  They suffer from a variety of chronic and serious health disorders that never existed 50 years ago, and their children follow faithfully in their footsteps.

And it is not just the food we have to worry about.  Today, there are over 80,000 chemicals in our food, water, personal care products (shampoos, soaps, toothpaste...), household cleaning products, in vaccinations, and in the air we breathe.

Let's take a look at the statistics for children today:

  • 1 in 100 are diagnosed with autism
  • 11 million are diagnosed with ADHD
  • Asthma cases are steadily rising at an unprecedented rate
  • Childhood cancers are now the LEADING cause of death in children 
  • 1 in 6 kids are now diagnosed with a behavioral, developmental, or neurological disorder

Pesticides are conclusively linked to
cancer, autism, & neurological disorders

Clinical studies have shown that pesticides can and do cause serious chronic and autoimmune diseases in adults, children, and pets.  In children, they have been conclusively proven to increase the risk of childhood leukemia, neuroblastomas, autism, and fetal death.

Pesticides in our food:  A serious health risk...

Generation RX

The new generation of kids growing up in the United States are unaffectionately being labeled as "Generation Rx," with the average child on at least one medication or fed artificial supplements.  It should never be necessary to feed a child supplements on a healthy diet (especially multi-vitamins).  Supplements should only be given for a diagnosed deficiency, and then stopped after the deficiency has been resolved.  

"Genes play a very small role in a child's health & potential illnesses - under 5%. Genes reflect potential. Whether or not they are expressed depends on the child's diet and environment."


Courtesy of a failing healthcare system, the average American is a walking pharmacy, with some experiencing more health problems from medication side effects than they did from the sickness they originally took the meds for.  Growing up in the same environment, and with the same food and exposed to the same living conditions, children naturally follow in the footsteps of their parents.  

Genes play a very small role in a child's health and the potential illnesses they will develop - under 5%.  The diet a child eats and environment they grow up in are the primary factors that determine which genes are expressed in their lifetime.  Genes reflect potential, but whether or not they are expressed depends on the environment a child is exposed to.

We are a product of our environment...

Can we be guilty of being neglectful parents if we honestly do not know how to set a healthy example?  The truth is, many of us do know better, and those that do not, struggle to deal with the time and effort involved in becoming the best parent they can be.  It is also confusing to know where to turn for the right answers once you realize that the medical system and the food chain that form an important part of our lives have become a liability we can no longer blindly trust in.

Processed Kids - The Foundation for Disease

The world we live in today is very different from the world 50 years ago, and drastically different from 100 years ago.  We have all sorts of new-fangled diseases that are skyrocketing in the western world, all of which correlate to the industrialization of our food chain:

  1. Processed & refined foods
  2. The chemical revolution of highly toxic household & gardening chemicals
  3. Pesticides & herbicides soaking our food
  4. Genetically modified foods (GMOs)
  5. Fad diets that encourage nutritional imbalances
  6. Irradiated foods and microwaved foods
  7. Factory-farmed meat & dairy pumped with antibiotics & growth hormones
  8. A water supply contaminated with chemicals
  9. Food from China, which poses a health risk
  10. Today's processed soy - far from a healthy food

During the time of our grandparents, we rarely heard about peanut and hay fever allergies.  Many children grew up on farms or in rural areas where sickness, even colds, were practically unheard of.  Parents were definitely not cleaning the home with toxic household products, obsessively killing all germs and lowering their children's ability to naturally develop immunity.  Lots of physical activity playing outside with the dogs and cats and other animals on farmland meant that children slept like logs.  Acne was rare, autism even rarer, and ADD did not exist.  

All the food was eaten fresh because it had to be.  It was not filled with food chemicals or artificial preservatives and was highly perishable;  the only preservative used was natural salts and lemon juice.  Milk and butter were fresh from the cow and delivered to neighborhoods all across the country, goodness intact and not destroyed by processing and pasteurization.  Meat was eaten in much, much smaller quantities, and when it was, it was naturally organic and pasture-raised (instead of raised in feedlots and fed an unnatural diet of genetically modified corn or soy).  It definitely did not contain antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, a hallmark in today's factory-farmed meats.

Happy, Well-Adjusted Children

When it comes to knowing whether or not your child needs are being met, physical symptoms give us a clue, but there is much more to it.  Aside from sickness, it is our children's behavior and activities that clue us if something is not quite right.  We need to pay attention to these clues, rather than ignore them or write them off as "typical" childhood issues.

Question the candy you offer to your childrenMany of these issues automatically resolve when a child is given the right diet.  Similar to when an adult changes their eating habits to eat healthier foods and get rid of the junk, all sorts of problems dissolve.  The post nasal drip we have had for so long that we no longer even notice it anymore disappears.  Our joints seem more mobile and niggling pains disappear.  Our skin issues clear up.  We are not sure exactly what part of our diet was the culprit, all we know is that when we got rid of the garbage, our health improved.  The right diet helps the systems in our body to normalize and function as they should, which is why these health issues clear up. 

The same is true with our children.  When parents remove pasteurized dairy, general congestion and "stuffiness" often disappears.  When children are fed whole foods high in nutrition instead of processed and refined foods, their digestion is better, as is their temperament.

But it is not just about the food we feed our children.  Similar to an adult, a child can be fed the perfect diet but if other lifestyle factors cause imbalance, then they will suffer the health consequences.  Too much food, too little food, lack of fresh air, not enough exercise, and stressful environments all contribute to imbalances.  Add to that a generation stuck in front of a TV or computer screen every night, and you set the stage for all sorts of physical, emotional, and psychological issues, such as irritability, anger, frustration, depression, aggressiveness, insomnia, and an inability to concentrate.

Make the Change

Does it all seem overwhelming?  It can be, if you are not sure know what to do.  How can you turn your life around not only for yourself, but also create the best and healthiest environment for your children?  Luckily, knowing what to do is not complicated.  It is actually quite easy!  You can walk away from this dismal picture and the scary statistics and no longer be a part of it.  Instead, you can become part of a growing, thriving culture of millions of people who are flourishing on healthy foods and reaping the rewards of their healthy lifestyle choices.  

Are you ready to make some changes?
Of course you are!

For your children
For yourself
Get with the program!

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