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Get Off the Diet Merry-Go-Round

If you have already began exploring this website, you are more than likely beginning to see that many of the diets out there will lead you on a dead-end path.  Eating food that requires figuring out the percentages of fat, protein, and carbohydrates can never be sustainable, nor is weighing, measuring, and calculating calories or anything similar.  Filling your body with supplements, protein powders, or an array of pills and potions is never a healthy approach to dieting.  Living on frozen and refined meals that are heated in a microwave is eating denatured food that will always deprive you of your vibrant health potential.

The good news is that once you realize how not self-serving these approaches are, you finally begin to turn yourself in the right direction and onto the path you have been looking for.

Could It Be ANY More Confusing?

Which diet?When it comes to nutrition and especially diets, it is easy to become confused very quickly.  There are dozens of different dietary theories, some with extremely rigid principles and others that are less structured.  Not only are there many different diet programs (e.g. Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, The Zone, Paleo, Jenny Craig, and the Mediterranean Diet), but there are also different approaches to diet (vegetarian, vegan, raw food, dairy free, gluten free, macrobiotics, Ayurvedic, and others).  There are literally thousands of books, websites, and gurus presenting their version of the "perfect diet."  

Nutrition is a subject where you can have 10 dietary experts in the same room, all of who contradict each other.  Each claim to have their own studies to prove why their theory is the right one and why all the others are wrong.  The more you hear the more confused you get, and separating fact from fiction quickly becomes a scrambled mess.  If experts can't agree, then where does that leave you? 

Looking to the government doesn't help at all.  The dietary recommendations of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and regulatory standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have failed us miserably and helped lay the foundation for the skyrocketing rates of sickness and chronic disease today.  Toxic chemicals and denatured food that are legally permitted in our food chain have been banned in other countries because they are directly linked to cancer, heart disease, and other conditions; not so in the USA.

The top three killers of the western world are heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. They are entirely preventable and largely treatable through diet and lifestyle changes, yet instead of being prescribed healthy food choices we are over-medicated with a rainbow of pills.  Most Americans eat the standard American diet, filled with chemicalized foods that are a fast-track to poor health. 

We Already Know

Luckily, when we wade through the seemingly endless sea of information and shed away the marketing hype, we find that when it comes to health and longevity the answers are crystal clear.  We just need a little guidance on separating fact from fiction.  There are many independently published dietary intervention studies that clearly show that specific dietary choices can reverse degenerative disease, eliminate the need for medication, and restore the vital energy the body needs to achieve the highest levels of health.  

"The 3 top killer diseases of the western world - heart disease, diabetes, and obesity - are all entirely preventable through dietary habits."

The Body Healer

We are all born with an energetic blueprint for perfect health that our bodies naturally strive for.  When we deprive the body of the tools it needs in the form of food and lifestyle habits, and instead slowly poison it with the garbage from our industrialized and refined food chain, that goal of perfect health becomes unattainable.  

There are good and bad food and lifestyle choices, and understanding the difference is not going to be complicated.  You will discover with The Body Healer that healthy foods offer an incredible degree of freedom and flexibility.  Once you understand the difference and provide your body with the tools it needs, it will naturally and intuitively respond by restoring you to a state of health.  

The truth is that the body is constantly telling you what you need, but you have been conditioned to ignore it.  Once you begin to bring yourself back into balance, you will naturally begin to reconnect with that voice and tune in to your body's needs.

We start by....

...looking at cultures where disease is virtually non-existent as compared to where it is rampant.  We look at their lifestyle habits and diet.  When we do this we see a very clear and direct correlation between disease and the emergence of today's industrialized and toxic food chain.

By simply looking at the diet of traditional cultures, especially long-lived cultures where individuals often live in perfect health to more than 100 years, we can instantly see that their eating habits, environment, and social structure is very different from those of the average American.  Not only that, but many of the diseases we see in the western world do not exist in other areas of the world that remain untainted by our food chain.  With this in mind, we have a very clear starting point.

Diets of traditional cultures... 

and then by...

...looking at the foods in the standard American diet that fill over 90% of the supermarket shelves.  We begin to see that we have been fooled into thinking that these foods are healthy, when in fact they are the quickest path to disease of both the body and mind.  I unaffectionately call these food and lifestyle choices the Dirty Dozen.

And then take it one step further...

Once we understand which food and lifestyle choices create health and which ones destroy it, we can begin making important changes in our lives to restore ourselves to a state of balance and prepare to take it one step further by exploring "high vibrational living."

High vibrational living is about mastering the ability to work with energy and access higher levels of awareness that have remained dormant within one's self. Being vibrantly healthy is not just about eating healthy foods and having the body of your dreams. It is about creating the life of your dreams, free of the stress and limiting circumstances you may have found yourself in. It is not about surviving.  It is about evolving to experience levels of consciousness, creativity, and vibrant living that has always been available to you on a higher frequency.

The Body Healer is not just about rebuilding your body.  With the right food and lifestyle habits, you will be re-calibrating your body, illuminating it with light energy which propels you into places you never thought you could reach.

Common Reasons Why Diets Fail

Let's take a look at the most common assumptions that cause most diets to fail:

Why the Old Diet Paradigm Doesn't Work Any More

The current approach to dieting and weight loss is very misguided.  It is a tunnel vision approach of treating a symptom (a body out of balance) with ingredients that are anything but healthy.  Some of the biggest diets out there encourage people to live on frozen meals filled with unhealthy ingredients such as factory-farmed meat, GMOs, irradiated foods, and food additives and chemicals.  Others recommend levels of protein so high, that they set the stage for chronic health conditions in the future.  The low carb diet craze has people so confused by what to eat that they unknowingly cut out the very foods that form the foundation for health and vitality - namely fruits and vegetables.

More and more of these diets pop up, each promising weight loss and health.  But almost every one of them miss the mark when it comes to understanding the root cause of the problem, which is:

Food & lifestyle habits that lower our vibrational frequency
make us receptive to disease, obesity, and depression.

A diet that does not address how the energy of food, stress, and lifestyle habits impacts the body and the mind is a diet that will always fall short and leave you depleted and deficient.  Healing your body and taking yourself to the next level requires a fundamental shift in perception and an understanding that ALL disease, ALL states of depression, and ALL imbalances of the body are directly related to the vibrational frequencies we surround ourselves with and feed our body with.

How About Going Paleo or Primal?

We are in a new era. Our goal is to learn from our ancestors, but not go back in time and follow their exact diet.  As our species evolves, we begin to realize that our bodies are changing and evolving so that we not only create a body that is inhospitable to disease, but that can also access levels of consciousness we previously wrote off as sci-fi.  With this understanding, we also begin to see that the food we put into our bodies and our antiquated beliefs on the nature of reality take on an entirely new meaning.

Going paleo or primal (2 popular diets currently popular) may certainly help improve your health and well-being because most of the food choices are healthy ones, but they cannot take us to the next level.  What is today's magic will always become tomorrow's science.  It's a matter of whether you want to stop at simply improving your health, or join the growing body of people that are blazing the trail into higher vibrational states.

So, What's the Answer?

If you are looking for the answer on which one diet is better than another, or a list of the benefits and drawbacks of the many diets available on the market, you won't find it here.  If you are looking to be told what to eat and what to avoid without understanding the reasons why some foods will degrade your body and others will heal it, then you are also in the wrong place.  The Body Healer is not about that.  The Body Healer is about empowering you with the knowledge to understand what makes a diet healthy or unhealthy.  It will show you how to shed all your excess weight, and how to choose foods that not only create a vibrant, healthy body, but that can also propel you into a higher state of being.  

I have studied many, many different dietary theories and philosophies.  I have been 220 lbs. and tried them all on my way down to a vibrant 131 lbs. and all I care about is teaching you how to cut through the hype and help you understand the principles of healthy, high vibrational living.  Then, you will never fall for the hype again, and you won't ever need to ask whether a diet is healthy or unhealthy - because you will know for yourself...

The answer is to take just a little bit of time to educate yourself once and for all about what your body really needs to bring itself back to a state of balance - into a state of perfect, vibrant health and normalization of your weight.  Here are some great places to start:

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