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Raising Children Naturally

We humans have been evolving for thousands of years.  We are born as creative, intelligent, and curious life forms with an instinctive and inherited "knowledge" on how to respond to the world we are born in.  Given the right tools, we naturally thrive.

Raising a happy, healthy baby

The right tools…  It sounds so deceptively simple.  But if it is so simple, then why are our children suffering from obesity, allergies, autism, and other chronic conditions that barely existed 50 years ago?  Why are so many parents remiss in shaping their children's eating choices and and guiding them towards healthy lifestyle habits?

Our children (and our pets, which for many of us are our furry kids) are 100% reliant on us for their needs, and that is a pretty hefty responsibility.  At the end of the day, you can only raise your children the best that you can.  But there is a responsibility that comes with the "best you can" and that is to become educated on what your children's basic needs are.  Feeding them processed and refined junk food, letting them sit in front of a TV all day with little to no exercise, and setting no boundaries is not the best path for a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted child.

As parents, we all have goals for our children.  We want them to be healthy, cared for, happy, and well-educated.  We want them to grow with a strong sense of integrity and responsibility.  We want them to explore their creative and intellectual potential.  We may have many wants, but we have to lay the foundation for these wants and that can seem daunting.  

As their caretakers, we have a tremendous degree of control over our children's environment and their habits.  But in a world where mass media is pulling us in a million different directions and health experts continually contradict eachother about what is right and what is wrong, the answers quickly become muddy.  Add to the fact that doctors are not nutritionists, nor are they trained in the subject of nutrition.  Even clinical nutritionists and registered dietitians do not fully understand the dangers of things such as pesticides and chemicals and genetically modified foods in today's heavily industrialized food chain.  Many are not even aware of the clinical studies linking pesticides to the rising rates of childhood leukemia, autism, and neurological disorders.

It can be very challenging for a parent to understand right from wrong when it comes to raising children.  If the experts can't seem to agree, it is no wonder a new parent can feel completely overwhelmed trying to figure it all out!

  • Formula or breast milk - is there a difference? (yes, a huge difference)
  • What if I don't want to breast feed? (think again, unless you have a medical reason not to)
  • Is there a big difference between organic vs. non-organic foods? yes, (a huge difference)
  • Is pasteurized milk unhealthy? (yes, very much so)
  • Is it true that breast fed babies suffer less illnesses, allergies, and infections? (yes, it's true)
  • Is soy milk unhealthy?  Isn't infant soy milk banned in other countries? (yes, and yes)
  • Is my doctor the best person to advise me on my child's food choices?  (no, they are not nutritionists)
  • How do I take care of my child's teeth? (first and foremost, with the right foods)
  • Should I give my child supplements? (never - not unless they have a clinically diagnosed condition)
  • Will the pesticides sprayed on food affect my child? (absolutely - they are dangerous)
  • Is second hand smoke really that dangerous? (yes, very much so)

When it comes to diet, we have very important choices to make, and before we make them, it is important we understand these choices and their consequences.  The path of health or disease are two very different paths.  We owe it to ourselves and our children to follow the path of health, and that requires a bit of guidance.  

The great news is that when you cut to the chase, the answers are very simple when it comes to very healthy lifestyle choices.  With just a little bit of know-how, you can make a huge difference in ensuring the health and well-being of your children (as well as yourself and your pets!).  The Body Healer is here to help you take simple and inexpensive steps toward raising children in a healthy, natural environment and on highly nutritious foods that set the foundation for their emotional and physical well-being. 

Healthy Diet Choices 

When it comes to feeding your children healthy, nutritious foods, it couldn't be easier.  Natural, whole foods that are free of chemicals, processing, and genetic modifications are the healthy foods that will set the tone for your child's long term well-being.

Why Breast Feeding Is Important
Learn why breast milk is the ultimate perfect baby food and why colostrum in breast milk is called "liquid gold."  ...Read more

Pasteurized vs. Raw Dairy
Babies raised on pasteurized milk suffer more allergies, infections, and health problems than those who are not.  Learn why pasteurized milk products are never the best choice.

Why Organic Food is Important

Going organicPesticides have been conclusively linked to serious childhood health conditions such as autism, neuroblastomas, neurological disorders, childhood leukemia, brain disorders, and ADD.

Learn more about why you should never feed foods sprayed with pesticides to infants and children.

The Body Healer protocolThe Body Healer Protocol

Explore the protocol to learn about:
  • Healing many diseases with food
  • Today's unhealthy phobia of germs
  • Giving your kitchen a healthy makeover
  • The natural, non-toxic cleaning cabinet
  • Dangerous common household cleaners 
  • Why kids should not take supplements
  • Why to only use mineral sunscreens
  • Building a bullet-proof immune system

Raising Healthy Children 

Healthy children are not only the product of a healthy diet, but also a nurturing and healthy environment.  Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to help them grow into happy and thriving, well-adjusted kids (and help save your sanity too!)

Before Birth - Prenatal Care
Studies show that life begins far earlier than we thought, and we are much more aware of our environment from inside the womb than was previously realized.  How we treat our bodies during pregnancy will have a significant impact on not only the health of our child, but also on how well that child adjusts to the world both emotionally and psychologically.

Why Kids Are Getting Sicker & Fatter
With 1 in 100 diagnosed with autism, and 1 in 6 kids diagnosed with a behavioral, developmental, or neurological disorder, the new generation of kids growing up in the US are being labeled as "Generation RX." 

Today, American children receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines before the age of 6, the highest amount given in any country worldwide.  They are also the sickest and most chronically disabled.  Learn about both the benefits and drawbacks of childhood vaccinations and how to make an educated decision for your children. 

Healthy, Strong Teeth
Why is it that children's teeth these days seem so bad?  Why do they grow so crookedly and require braces to straighten, or are filled with cavities?  Not only does a child's diet directly affect the structure of their face, jaws, and teeth, but mom's diet during pregnancy also impacts the bone and jaw structure of the developing fetus.