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About High Vibrational Living

High vibrational living is an approach to healing your body and transforming your life like no other.  It is a quantum approach to health and vitality that teaches how mainstream diet and lifestyle factors are the root cause of the biggest diseases and imbalances in the world today, and how the energy frequency of our body directly correlates to our state of health and well-being, and the quality of our life.  

Here's how you can explore the world of high vibrational living:

#1  Explore general articles on nutrition & health 

Use the website as a source of general guidance on losing excess weight, healing your body naturally, choosing healthy foods, and learning the principles of true health and vitality.  Let the Body Healer take you by the hand and show you that it's time to leave behind the mass media, and countless diets full of chemicalized, refined, and dead foods for good.  

#2  Order the book 
The Body Healer ProtocolThe complete Body Healer Protocol launches in bookstores on November 28th!  Both hard copy and digital versions will be available on Amazon.com for a 30% launch discount for the month of December.

Check back soon to order your copy of The Body Healer Protocol!

#3  Schedule a consultation

I offer two types of consultations.  

  1. Health consultation
    Do you feel less than your best and feel ready to explore healthy diet and lifestyle choices?  Are you suffering from a chronic health condition, and need guidance on how to heal your body naturally?  Have you recovered from an illness and want to bullet-proof your immune system to prevent any disease recurrence?  If so, schedule a health consultation session and we'll work together to bring you back into a state of balance, and keep you there.

  2. Master coaching
    Are you are feeling lost and overwhelmed by a challenging experience?  Do you need help changing your life, or mastering how to use energy to quickly and effectively manifest your goals?  Perhaps you simply feel just plain stuck and need some TLC?  If so, schedule a life coaching session and I'll get you on the right track in no time.

 Consultations are highly personal and dependent on your needs.  Click here to schedule a session.

Unbiased Recommendations

The Body Healer website and protocol grows and evolves organically with each day that goes by based on a member feedback, new health reports and clinical studies, testimonials, and client case histories.  Any products recommended are 100% unbiased and recommended only because I believe in the company's products, never because of paid promotion of any kind or because of any persuasive product advertising.  When I see a health claim on any product, I always question it and look for clinical studies, positive member feedback, or my own personal experiences to back up the validity of the claim.  

Your health and well-being is my top priority and teaching you to always question health claims on food and personal care labels is a mission of mine!

Get Empowered

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, taught us that disease is a result of diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors.  The truth is that most people are unaware of the health impact of their food choices and lifestyle decisions.  Every person has the power to:

Create health OR create disease
Create misery OR create happiness
Destroy the environment OR sustain it
Evolve OR stay stagnant

We begin with understanding that now, this moment, is always the perfect time to begin.  It does not matter where you are now, because the present moment is always your point of power.  It is your starting point, and it is exactly where you need to be.  Whether you are 150 lbs. or 400 lbs.; whether you are terminally ill or healthy; whether you are feeling lost and lonely, sad or depressed, it is time to embrace now, this moment, as your starting point.   Because that is all you need to begin.

All you have to do is commit.

A Natural Approach to Health & Vitality

"Your health is the most important form of wealth you can have, because without it, you suddenly (and very quickly) re-prioritize just how important that health is."

The Body Healer

True health and vitality is about achieving a balance in all areas in life and food plays a big role in achieving that balance.  

Changing your diet and lifestyle habits does far more than you think, eating healthy foods and losing weight is an important part of a bigger equation.  With the right fuel the body begins to function optimally, which means that all sorts of health ailments and chronic issues begin to naturally resolve themselves.  Food addictions disappear, as do gastrointestinal disorders, brain fog, depression, and tiredness.  Cellulite begins to resolve as the flow of nutrients into the cells and waste from the cells is normalized and the fascia strengthens.

We humans have become very disconnected from our true selves.  We have forgotten that the natural state of our body is that of radiant health, and if nurtured and given the tools that it needs it will naturally gravitate towards this state.  It needs no instruction from you or anyone else.  Just as it knows how to make your heart beat, your cells divide and multiply, your hair grow, and your lungs function, it knows how to maintain a healthy body.  It simply needs the right tools.

The Power of Food

Food has a powerful effect on the body’s ability to either cause or prevent and heal from disease, and also directly affects your state of mind and your energy level.  What we put in our mouths is critically important to our overall state of health.  One of the biggest threats to human health is the manipulation of our food chain with contaminated food.  On any given day, the ingredients in the average American meal will contain an assortment of:

• Pesticides 
• Heavy metals 
• Artificial preservatives 
• Hormones, antibiotics & steroids
• Trans fats 
• Food dyes 
• Pasteurized products
  • Artificial colors & flavors
• Artificial sweeteners
• Synthetic vitamins
• Irradiated & microwaved foods
• Genetically modified foods
• Synthetically created foods
• Excitotoxins (addictive ingredients)

...and a whole host of other unmentionables.  Our bodies are not designed for this onslaught, and as time goes by we overwhelm it while at the same time deprive it of critical nutritional needs.  Degenerative diseases are “naturally” par for the course.   

Foods absorb and assimilate vital nutrients from the soil they grow in.  These nutrients are significantly depleted by soil contaminants such as pesticides and how the food is prepared.  This results in a nutritionally dead food.  To make the situation worse, refined and synthetic foods contain excitotoxins - ingredients that cause you to become addicted to those foods and crave more of them.  Most people are addicted to the toxic standard American diet and are committing a slow suicide with food.  

Educate Yourself, Not Medicate Yourself!

A medicated approach to living is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.  If you have a health condition and a doctor suggests "moderate" changes and prescribes pills for your health issue instead of educating you on the power of healthy food and lifestyle changes to heal the body, then perhaps now is a good time to change doctors.

Now that we've covered the basics, welcome to the family and have fun exploring a website dedicated to you and your health!

 Welcome to the world of
High Vibrational Living!