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Looking For a Food or Supplement to Heal You? If so, STOP!

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People often ask me, "can you tell me what supplement will cure my.....?" or "I've been told I should take a multivitamin.  Which one do you recommend?"  

Convinced their issue is a quick-fix, the first thing most people do is to look outside of themselves to fix a problem, rather than getting down to the root cause of why they are ill and addressing that root cause.  In looking for instant gratification from pain or discomfort, we nearly always reach out for supplements and prescriptions and forget to ask the important question:

"What dietary or lifestyle habits may have created my condition to begin with, so that I may not only heal myself, but also understand and remove the cause?"

Supplements are a great example of a multi-billion dollar industry, with manufacturers happy to splash false or misleading claims on their product labels.   How many of us have rushed out to buy this product or that product, full of excitement and enthusiasm that popping this pill, swallowing that potion, or swirling green powders in their smoothies will fix their problem.  

Alas, it doesn't quite work that way.

Most people have no idea how their health problems started.  Little focus is placed on diet, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors that are the contributors to most diseases in the western world.

When it comes down to addressing health concerns, it  all comes down to energy and vibrational frequency.  The energy that flows from our body as a result of our foods and lifestyle choices, as well as the quality of the thoughts we think and the beliefs and perceptions we have, is largely what determines our state of mind and our state of health at any given moment in time.  It may surprise you that genetics plays a very small role in the development of disease... less than 5%.  The lower the vibration of our foods (processed foods, chemicalized foods, GMOs, irradiated foods, factory-farmed meat, pesticides, microwaved foods, etc.) and lifestyle habits (addictions, stress, stimulants, etc.) and thoughts (sadness, anger, anxiety, hostility, guilt, jealousy, etc.) the lower the energy frequency of our body.  When our energy frequency drops, we then open the door to all sorts of physical, emotional, and psychological imbalances.

The body must be nurtured with the essentials so that it can flourish, just as most plant life in the natural world require sunshine, healthy soil, clean air, and water for them to grow to their potential.   If the body is deprived of what it needs for basic health, then its vibrational state lowers and it gravitates toward ill health and disease.

By supplying all the conditions of health,
the body naturally gravitates towards health

When it comes to disease and distress, the answer is always the same.  Always begin by replacing unhealthy food & lifestyle habits with healthy, high vibrational ones, and changing the way you think.  Believing that popping supplements will fix your health problem is a distraction and an unnecessary drain on your wallet.  Unless you have a DIAGNOSED deficiency, avoid supplements.  And if you have a deficiency, take the supplement you need until you are no longer deficient and then stop taking it.  If you are taking any supplement just because you think you "may" be deficient, stop.  If you are taking a multivitamin because you "think" it is good for you, think again.  Most supplements are synthetic and are far from healthy for you.  In fact, some of the most commonest supplements on the market (e.g. folic acid and vitamin A) have been directly linked to serious health conditions in clinical studies.  Clean up your diet instead and, other than just a few exceptions, you should have no need for supplements.

In the Body Healer Protocol, I talk about supplements in much greater detail, including the common deficiencies to watch out for, and what type of supplements to buy and what to avoid.