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Filling Your Day With Smiles & Priceless Moments

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How much of your day do you actively spend doing things that make you happy, things that make you smile?  From the moment you wake up in the morning, how much time do you spend thinking about the things you could do throughout your day that would make you feel good?  

For most of us, from the moment we get out of bed we get started on a routine that involves work, taking care of the kids, preparing meals, running errands, and doing daily chores.  The last thing on our minds is how to fit in a good dose of smiles and laughter!  In today's blog, I'm going to talk about how we can easily transform our day into a much happier and more fulfilling one by simply changing our approach to how we do things.  Call it a happiness prescription!

Let's start with smiling, and finding all the things in our life that we have to smile about.  It can be our loved ones, our pets, or an upcoming exciting event or trip.  For me, waking up in a warm, comfy bed with soft and poofy pillows is enough to put the first big smile on my face.  I realize how lucky I am to have such a cozy spot to climb into every night.  Next, a few minutes cuddling and smooching with the hubby and the pup before all three of us have a howling session for a couple of minutes helps set the tone for my entire day.  And yep, I mean a REAL howling session (one of the awesome privileges of having an Alaskan Malamute is that you always have a partner in howling!).

So, before I've even climbed out of bed, my day feels incredible.  It doesn't matter what may happen in that day, I've already filled it was some happy, priceless moments that brought me a sense of contentment and happiness.  I could have easily switched off the alarm clock, climbed out of bed, and got dressed.  But look what I would have missed out on!  For me, a healthy dose of kisses from my pup is a very special part of my day, and I look to grab those smooches as much as I can.

When you're driving in your car, do you listen to music, or do you listen to the news?  How about having fun creating a great playlist on a CD (or USB drive if your car has the option) and listening to your favorite tunes instead?  How about SINGING along to them and really getting into the groove?  If you are headed to the grocery store, grab a special treat that would bring a smile to your face or make a loved one smile, which will also help make you feel great.  As you go about your day, do you pass by plants and grassy areas that have flowers and trees?  If so, take time out to appreciate their natural beauty and connect with the sense of grace and tranquility nature has to offer us.  

When you see others and think about what a nice outfit they are wearing, or how lovely and clear their complexion is, or notice something about them that you like, do you take a moment to tell them so?  If you notice a co-worker is losing weight, do you congratulate them?  Do you realize how much power you have to completely transform someone else's day with such simple compliments, and how making them happy will make your day feel so much better?

Laughter is the language of the Gods, and the key is to make a conscious effort to do things throughout your day that make you smile or laugh.

Get Wild & Whacky!

As soon as we become adults, for some bizarre reason that has never made much sense to me, we seem to throw all sense of silliness and fun out of the window.  How can you bring a sense of wild and whacky into your day?  If you're planning on painting your nails, consider painting them a wild and whacky color, or have fun painting patterns on them.  Who says you need to use the same plain color every time!  When is the last time you watched a cartoon or fun show that you enjoy but write off as "kid's stuff"?  When is the last time you blasted some music out in your home and sang like a rock star or did your own crazy rendition of yodeling?  You are never too old or "mature" to do something fun or silly.  There is a saying our family lives by:  The day you grow up is the day you begin to grow old...

How about getting together with a friend to take the silliest "selfie" pics of both of you with your cells phones?  If you don't know how, well, I'm sure if you have kids they would be MORE than happy to help you out :-)

Do yourself a big favor and spend 5 minutes EVERY MORNING before you even get out of that bed.  Spend that 5 minutes thinking of 10 thing to do during your day that:

  1. Make you smile or laugh.
  2. Make someone else smile or laugh.
  3. Are just plain silly!
  4. Are things you've never done before that would make you happy.

The Secret Benefit...

Aside from the important reason of fueling our happiness, there is another very important benefit to filling our day with happy moments.  The happier and more uplifted we feel, the higher the vibrational frequency of our body.  The higher our vibrational frequency, the more we attract to us more off the same, and the less our body experiences diseases and imbalances.  

The energy of happiness is one of the best prescriptions we can take to strengthen our immune system and rebalance our mind and body.  So, what are you waiting for!!!