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How to Spot Signs From the Universe in Everyday Life

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Are there days when everything you do seems charmed?  You feel like you're effortlessly flying through your day.  You get the parking spot closest to the store; you end up getting 2-for-1 of your favorite product; an unexpected check arrives in the mail.  Your day is literally filled with a-ha! moments, and everything is just dandy!  What you are experiencing is a state of balance, and your intuition telling you that you are right on track with where you need to be.

But about days when everything seems to go wrong from the second you get out of bed?  You end up late for work and for an important meeting; you trip and hurt yourself; speeding to work, you get pulled over for a ticket; you get into a big argument with a loved one; an unexpected bill suddenly cause a big financial strain.  You name it and it's not going right.  How about a recent string of bad luck that seems to be gaining power like a runaway train.  What gives?

Also known as "bad luck," these important events are called "early warning signs" and they are trying to tell us something important.  

So, where exactly do these early warning signs come from and what are they trying to tell us?

At all moments in time, we are connected to the source of creation.  It is an infinite source of intelligent energy that is constantly communicating with us, which some call the universe, or God.  When the universe wants to get our attention, it has its own special way of giving us signs or orchestrating specific events.  Sometimes, we get a more serious wake-up call such as a minor car accident that may not hurt us physically but it does hit our wallet pretty hard, or a medical emergency with a loved one that gives us a scare, of we strain our lower back and are out of commission for a good week.  

When things don't seem to be going right, without fail it is always because we've fallen out of balance, which begins to create chaos in our lives.

On some level, we've attracted these signs to us to help us figure out what area(s) of our life need attention.  The signs may not be very pleasant, but they are very helpful because if we pay attention to them, we can prevent future events that are likely to be far more serious in nature.  In this way, early warning signs are blessings in disguise.  Let's take a look at a couple of examples!

  1. Your driving habits have been a bit haphazard lately.  It's the Christmas holidays and you've been racing around like a chicken with its head cut off.  You've had a couple of near misses and almost rear-ended someone (hint... the universe tapping on your shoulder).  You suddenly get a ticket for running a red light, and it's an expensive one.  Not only that, but the officer is not very forgiving and has no interest in reducing the ticket.  Ouch... right at Christmas, too (hint... the universe pinching your shoulder hard).

    If you were to continue the way you had been, an accident was next up on the list for you - one where you'd be at fault, have to pay your deductible, and would end up with medical issues for a good 6 months.  BUT... because the wake-up call shook you up enough to change your driving habits, that accident potential goes poof!

  2. You woke up one day and tweaked your neck pretty bad.  In fact, you can barely turn your head left or right.  After several expensive appointments at the Chiropractor, you trip on the sidewalk and badly sprain your ankle.  Darn... that's two body parts that you really need to be 100%!   A couple of days later, your pup ends up with a viral infection and raging diarrhea and vomiting, followed by a very expensive trip to the emergency vet.  Hmm.... what's going on?  Bad luck?  Nope!  

    When bodily injuries begin appearing in your body and get reflected back to you from your friends and loved ones, it's a sign your body has fallen out of balance and needs some attention.  If you were to ignore these warning signs and continue the way you had been, a chronic disease was in the cards for you.  But because you took the wake-up calls seriously, started a regular exercise and stretching program and nixed some of your bad dietary habits in favor of much better ones, the chances of that disease happening suddenly become drastically reduced.

Ok, so now we get the picture.  But what exactly do we do when we start to get some of these unwanted "warning signs"?  We stop and we take a breather.  We spend some time taking a good, long look at our life to figure out what's not quite right and consider what changes we need to make.  If we ignore these signs and do nothing, depending on how out of balance our life is, the warning signs can become more insistent and more serious, with swift repercussions such as a debilitating illness, a more serious car accident, sudden financial debt that creates serious stress, or similar situations.  

As you go about each day, be actively alert and cultivate the habit of listening to your intuition in the form of signs, both positive and negative.  Pay especially close attention to warning signs - they aren't just bad luck, they are messengers that are there for a reason.  The great news is that the more in touch we are with our intuition, and the more we pay attention to meaningful events in our life (no matter how small!), the more balanced and in tune we become.  Suddenly, instead of getting warning signs, everything seems in sync and our life becomes a breeze!  It's called "going with the flow"...