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Biodynamic Farming 

Biodynamic farmingBiodynamic farming is a type of organic farming that originated in Switzerland in the mid-1920’s as a result of a series of lectures by spiritual philosopher Rudolf Steiner.  It is a recognition of the life force principle of nature and her rhythms to produce foods that heal and nurture life on this planet, and an approach to work with the forces of nature, rather than against them.

All life on earth is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Each object (including our body) is a whirling mass of energy vibrating at different rates, and this energy is intelligent and responsive.  It radiates out and interacts with other energies.  But it is not only objects that emit this energy.  Quantum physics has shown us that every thought we think and every emotion we have energetically impacts both our bodies and our environment.

Biodynamic farming recognizes that the more "vital" our food and the more it emits life force energy (through sustainable farming practices), the healthier and more "vital" our bodies will become when we eat these nourishing foods.

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Biodynamic farming uses homeopathic field and compost preparations, and the use of an astrological calendar and the moon phases to determine times of planting and harvesting.  These farming methods inspired the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement. 

Research published in the journal Science in 1993 compared soil quality and financial performance of biodynamic vs. conventional farms in New Zealand.(1)  The results of the research showed that the biodynamic farms proved in most environments to have: 

  1. Soils of higher biological and physical quality
  2. Soils significantly greater in organic matter, content, and microbial activity
  3. More earthworms
  4. Better soil structure
  5. Lower bulk density
  6. Easier penetrability
  7. Thicker topsoil 

And to top it off, the biodynamic farms were just as financially viable on a per hectare basis.  Studies comparing standard organic farms with biodynamic farms were found to be similar in soil conditions and success.



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