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Myths of Vegetarian & Vegan Diets

Open your eyesWhen it comes to being a vegetarian or vegan, there are many myths that have become commonplace that stem from confusion about these diets.  Some of these myths are reasons why people avoid becoming a vegetarian altogether, which is a shame.  

Let's open our eyes and clear up some of the most common misconceptions:

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, being a vegetarian or vegan means dealing with other people's negative perceptions, especially those who are not so accepting of vegetarian and vegan diets and who have preconceived (and often incorrect) notions about these diets.

If you approach your eating choices from an educated perspective, the easiest way to talk with others is to politely answer their questions and help educate them on the points they are confused about.  Most non-vegetarians are completely unaware of how serious the devastating environmental impact of factory farming is, the cruelty involved, and how eating factory-farmed meat is damaging to their health.  Sharing this information with them can help open their eyes to something they are unknowingly contributing to.

Why you should avoid factory-farmed meat...

If they are not interested in learning about your dietary preference or hearing your viewpoint, then simply refrain from discussing your eating choices with them.  Never take the "I'm right, you're wrong" approach that some choose, and force your opinion on others.  It will only serve to make you unpopular and dogmatic.