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Studies Confirm Fluoride Can Cause Brain Damage & Reduce IQ

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Multiple medical studies have now confirmed that fluoride can cause brain damage and reduce cognitive function.  The US government has yet to recognize these studies, and has gone as far as to repeatedly state fluoride is an effective way to prevent tooth decay.  

Unfortunately, toothpaste and other dental care products aren't the only concern when it comes to fluoride.  Many cities in the US inject fluoride into their drinking water systems.  Let's talk about just how dangerous fluoride really is and the simple steps we can take to avoid it.

Fluoride comes from the chemical fluorine and is a common additive found in our drinking water.  Originally thought to decrease tooth decay and cavities, the CDC considers fluoridated tap water as one of the greatest public health achievements this century.  The American Dental Association also jumped on the bandwagon claiming that fluoride is effective for the prevention of tooth decay.  But medical studies have revealed a much darker side of fluoride, showing the chemical is not only neurotoxic to human brains, but also a contributor to lower IQ scores.

Fluoride is a Neurotoxin to the Human Brain

"The study concluded that the high fluoride group showed both a substantial drop in IQ, as well as decreased height.  Fluoride negatively impacted both intellectual and physical development."

Environ Health Perspect.

Let's take a look at studies providing evidence that fluoridated drinking water is toxic to the brain.  Although some studies are recent, others span a decade.  As with many toxic chemicals filling the American food chain and personal care products, the US government has turned a blind eye to the findings of these studies, despite the EPA raising the red flag:

  1. A 2015 study of 51 1st-grade children in China revealed that the greater the quantity of fluoride intake, the poorer the children performed on intelligence tests.  Children with high "fluorosis" (excessive fluorine) had lower scores by an average of 4.28%.  The study concluded that fluoride can impair the neurodevelopment of children.(1)
  2. A 2014 study conducted by the renowned medical journal The Lancet concluded that fluoride is a neurotoxin.(2)
  3. A 2012 study compared the differences between those exposed to fluoride with those non-exposed.  The study concluded that people who lived in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those in low-fluoride areas.  The IQ reduction was approximately 7 IQ points based on standard scoring.(3)
  4. A 2007 study of 720 children compared the differences between those exposed to both fluoride and arsenic and those non-exposed in an attempt to discover any impact on childhood growth and neurodevelopment.  The study concluded that the high-fluoride group exhibited not only a substantial drop in IQ, but also showed decreased height compared to the control group.  Fluoride negatively impacted both intellectual and physical development.(4)
How Fluoride Affects Animal Brains 

Many studies have been conducted on rats, mice, fish, and ducks.  Almost every study concluded that high concentrations of fluoride are neurotoxic.  Not only that, but it was discovered that the damaging effects of fluoride are significantly increased by each generation.

  1. A 2014 study on rats concluded that fluoride impaired both learning and memory.  It also caused neurons to degenerate, killing brain cells.  The study considered fluoride a toxin.(5)

  2. Another 2014 study of the effect of fluoride on ducks and fish concluded that large amounts of fluoride accumulated in the bone, brain, and pineal gland.(6)

  3. A 2011 study on rodents concluded that fluoride impaired memory performance.(7)

  4. Another 2011 study on rats concluded that high concentrations of fluoride can alter thyroid hormones and impair learning and memory.  The fluoride impaired the rats ability to learn and retain new information, and considerably slowed down their learning rate.  It also promoted neuron degeneration in rats.  Alarmingly, when the effect of fluoride was studied over several generations, the 3rd generation experienced significantly increased impairments than the 1st and 2nd generation.(8)

  5. A 2002 study on rats discovered that "serious DNA damage" occurred within the neurons of the rats receiving fluoride, showing that fluoride is capable of killing brain cells and damaging DNA.(9)

  6. A 1999 study on mice concluded that the learning abilities of mice was significantly impaired as a result of fluoride.(10)

  7. A 1995 study on rats concluded that fluoride caused behavioral deficits, and that the higher the amount, the greater the deficit.(11)

This is only a small collection of many more studies that clearly show us fluoride is a toxin to both humans and animals. 

Does Fluoride Protect Against Cavities?

Advocates of fluoride claim that it can decrease cavities between 18-50%, especially beneficial in preventing tooth decay in those with poor dietary and dental habits.  Studies do confirm these claims.  The question is not whether fluoride protects against cavities, it is that fluoride contributes to serious degenerative changes in the body.  Even if studies proved that fluoride could decrease cavities by more than 50%, the dangers far offset any dental benefit.  

Fluoride:  The cons

  Abnormal brain development
  Brain Damage
  Changes in Behavior
  Damage to DNA
  Negative Effects Increasing Over Generations
  Lower IQ Scores
  Learning Deficits
  Memory Deficits
  Abnormal Thyroid Levels

Fluoride:  The pros

  Reduction in Cavities

As anyone can see, the serious risks of fluoride FAR outweigh any benefits.  The benefit of using fluoride for cavity reduction is also questionable when looking at the incidences of cavities in countries that don't fluoridate their water and discovering their rates are no higher, and in some cases are lower.  The US suffers an epidemic in cavities because of the industrialized food it eats and poor dental habits - pumping fluoride in the water is a band-aid approach to a much bigger problem.

To decrease the possibility of getting cavities FAR beyond 50%, take the following two simple measures:

  Eat a healthy diet free of processed food and full of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.
  Floss daily and brush your teeth with a toothpaste free of dangerous chemicals such as fluoride.

Humans Are Not Built to Consume Industrial Toxins!

Over 90% of the fluoride in our drinking water is not actually the natural element "fluoride."  It is called hydrofluorosilic acid and is a toxic by-product derived from fertilizers and the nuclear industries.  What we are drinking is, in reality, a by-product of industrial waste.  Not only that, it is also often contaminated with trace amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead.  

Anything we eat or expose ourselves to that is toxic contributes to the destruction of our health, and heavy metals tend to accumulate in our bodies over time contributing to serious health issues.  When we expose ourselves to the same toxins on a continual basis, these toxins help set the foundation for serious health conditions such as autoimmunity and cancer.

Tips on How You Can Avoid Fluoride

Jason NutriSmile ToothpasteDespite the many studies proving otherwise, the US government continues to claim fluoride is safe and poses no health risk.  No steps have been taken to eliminate this chemical in our water and personal care products, or educate the public on the dangers of consuming this chemical.  

Let's take a look at how you can help prevent fluoride from entering your body:

  1. Use a Water Filtration System
    If you live in Oregon, you're lucky - fluoride is banned from drinking water.  But for those of us who live elsewhere, there are many water filtration systems that remove fluoride from drinking water.  They can be purchased online or from home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.

  2. Drink Bottled Water from Natural Sources
    It may be more expensive, but water that is directly from a natural source is not only free of fluoride, but also free of many other chemicals that are in municipal drinking water.

  3. Read Product Labels VERY Carefully
    When purchasing toothpaste and other dental care products, opt for more natural ingredients that are free of all dangerous chemicals, including fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, triclosan, and artificial colors/flavor/sweeteners.  Much healthier alternatives include Jason Natural Toothpaste and Dr. Bronner's Toothpaste.  If you have pup, check out how to keep their teeth healthy and sparkly clean using only natural household products!

  4. Clean Up Your Diet
    Why is cleaning up your diet important?  Because when toxins such as fluoride (and the thousands of other contaminants found in processed foods, the air we breathe, and the water we drink) enter our bodies, they build up and cause chronic health conditions.  The healthier we are and the stronger our immune system, the quicker and more effectively our bodies can eliminate toxins.  Toxins also lower the overall vibrational state (energy frequency) of your body.  The higher your vibrational state, the less likely it is for you to suffer from ANY health condition.

    Cleaning up your diet naturally also prevents cavities and tooth decay as many of the offending chemicals (such as fluoride!) will no longer be present in the food you eat.

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